Vision or Mission

A Tanzania where people are free to determine their social, political and economic destiny and well being

Through use of technology &volunteerism, we will empower networks of individuals, communities and organizations to self-organize and join together in a social movement for change and accountable governance.

Overall Objective
Change Tanzania strives for the enhanced well being of Tanzanians and their freedom to determine their social, political and economic destiny and hold government to account for use of public resources, as well as stimulate volunteerism and active engagement in policy spaces.

Specific Objectives
1.    Peaceful citizen interactions with the state through various forms of social and physical communication are enhanced.
2.    Performance of the government on areas of social, political and economic developments is analyzed, and the resulting information is fed back to the general Tanzanian population.
3.    Public oversight institutions are furnished with good practices of accountable management of public resources and revenues.
4.    Participation in policy dialogues improves the social, political and economic advancement of Tanzanians.
5.    Participation in international dialogues advances the development of Tanzanians.
6.    Volunteerism spirit amongst Tanzanians and critical thinking over issues of national interest is stimulated and enhanced.