Principles & Activities


Change Tanzania is not aligned to any political party and will focus on promoting civic engagement in policy and governance issues. Conversely, Change Tanzania will not prevent its individual members from participating in active politics.


Change Tanzania cannot work in isolation. Effectively working with networks of individuals, communities and organizations will be crucial in building a society where people have the channels to convey their messages and act for social change.


For citizens to determine their social, political and economic destiny, there must be an enabling environment that allows them to do so. This will require formal channels for meaningful participation deepened down to the community level. This also means access to information and government responsiveness to the needs of those participating.


Well being of Tanzanians cannot be achieved in an environment where the most disadvantaged (poor, women, youth, disabled, etc) are excluded from the decision-making policy and dialogue processes. Change Tanzania will seek to provide everyone an equitable opportunity to participate in spaces regardless of their gender, political affiliation, religion or race.


Strengthen and enable networks to interact with the state through mobile & web-based technologies.

Advocate for accessible and useful information on policy documents for meaningful public participation.

Advocate for volunteerism in the community by demonstrating how it helps improve well being of people.

Work with public oversight institutions to deepen citizen participation in revenue, public resource management and audit processes.

Participate in international dialogues on Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ESCR).