Petition Explained

A petition is tool used to elicit ACTION by gathering PUBLIC SUPPORT for a CAUSE and thereby apply PRESSURE on a THIRD PARTY who is in a position to advance said cause. Change Tanzania’s petitioning platform is a means for individuals, groups and organizations to advance their cause by collecting signatures from the general public as proof that the problem they raised is considered important by their fellow citizens and the solution proposed is deemed reasonable and viable by them.

By electronically SIGNING a petition via this website you are expressing your support for a cause as expressed in the petition. Before you sign a petition, review it carefully. Understand the problem raised, the solution proposed and sign the petition only if you agree with it. Change Tanzania treats all account holders’ personal details confidentially. However, be aware that by signing a petition you are authorising Change Tanzania to divulge some of your details to the petitioned party as part of the signature verification process. It is your unalienable right to express your opinion and provide moral support to any cause you deem worthy by signing petitions or by any other legitimate means, as long as as you do not participate knowingly in incitement to violence, in the commission of a crime or aimed at curtailing the basic rights of others. So exercise your right boldly but judiciously.

By STARTING a petition via this website you are calling on all users, members and partners of Change Tanzania to help you achieve your cause. Before you begin petitioning think it carefully through. A petition is more likely to succeed if it is for a worthy cause, if the wrong it is trying to right or the problem it is trying solve afftects others and is likely to get the sympathy and support of the general public. A petition has to propose a clear and viable solution. Also, it has to be addressed to a very specific entity (an individual, group or organization) that is in a position to either right the wrong/solve the problem or otherwise contribute in a significant way to its successful resolution.

The process is straightforward. Once you have submitted all relevant information, your petition will be reviewed by a senior member of the Change Tanzania team for endorsement. Endorsement, in this context, means that the endorser has reviewed your petition and has found it cogent, well presented and its objective not contrary to the principles that Change Tanzania stands for; and thus that the petition can be made public via this website. Once endorsed, your petition will be made public and all users, members and partners of Change Tanzania will be asked to promote your cause and help gather signatures for your petition through their own contacts and networks. When a suitable number of signatures have been gathered you will be provided with a documentary package to officially present to the petitioned party. Also, you will be assigned a Change Tanzania advisor to help you navigate governmental and organizational bureaucracies to ensure that your petition reaches the petitioned party as well as to help coordinate any related mass media activity.

Petitioning is a process and will take time. Do not expect immediate results. Make sure you follow up on progress and provide regular updates on developments pertaing to your petition and your cause on your petition page on the Change Tanzania website. Also, keep in mind that there are many paths to success. Explore and follow up on as many paths as you can; do not rely exclusively on the petitioning process. Keep in mind our community’s assitance is given to you freely and voluntarily, do not misuse or abuse it. And remember, by starting a public petition you have become a CITIZEN ACTIVIST; so be active, enthusiastic and positive. Good Luck!