About Us

Who we are..

Change Tanzania is a social media citizen movement. It started on social media specifically on Twitter as a hashtag #ChangeTanzania and quickly embraced as a movement by an informal grouping of individuals who are focused on bringing positive, sustainable change to Tanzania.

The primary focus of Change Tanzania is change of attitude (behavioral change), which seeks to positively empower every Tanzanian to feel that change of his/her environment is possible without external help or support.

From this perspective it is a non-violent movement with a radical vision as it strives to change the value systems of Tanzania and steer the national psyche toward a sense of empowerment and channel the energy toward positive growth.
Change Tanzania aims to achieve an overall visionary change of the society and the nation as a whole. Change Tanzania is a mix of small community volunteerism up to national activism.
Change Tanzania is non-partisan and will strive to remain outside the political parties structures, in order to ensure that it remains a social movement that will encompass and include Tanzanians of all walks of life.
Change Tanzania is a unifying force that will provide positive and critical thinking thus will avoid any dogmatism, ideology and division.
Change Tanzania was not only born of the modern technology but will continue to use technology in its activism to ensure that the spirit of the spontaneous grouping remains with emphasis on volunteerism and self-reliance. With this in mind, Change Tanzania plans to remain sustained by donations from its members – financial, volunteer work, and other resources.

This movement aims to increase and create people’s awareness about their rights and responsibilities, and to put pressure on development and equal opportunity in Tanzania.

  • We have a new and accountable way of facing our country’s problems.
  • We therefore believe in SHARING INFORMATION, GOVERNMENT OPENESS, and EDUCATING each other on various issues that we face as a COUNTRY.
  • We aim to provide options and solutions for our country challenges and planning free from political pressure.
  • We discuss how to achieve success with MERIT as a Nation.
  • We are here to share ideas and translate them into real life.
  • We are here to monitor government activities and officials,
  • we are aiming to discuss our road map towards development and our future.
  • We are here to have ONE VOICE for all.

Our Motto

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Meade